Debt Management

At FinWizz we offer a range of Debt Management services to help your every debt situation. Read through below and choose the option best suited to help you. If we unable to assist with the service you picked, we will advice you to which service would best suite your current situation. Dealing with debt is stressful and if we can help you re leave some of those stresses we have done our job. As we not bound to one service or debt solution we are transparent in the service offering, giving you the power to make a choice that you comfortable in.



The surrendering of your estate is a process instituted by the Courts to help persons that are no longer in a position to honor their debts due to uncontrollable circumstances.

debt consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a process were we apply for a personal loan big enough to cover all your debt and combine everything into one convenient monthly installment.

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